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Lasik - the truth about method and effects

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Lasik is a wonderful operation method but there exist a lot of untrue claims. Save money and time by being informed. 

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You can find a lot of information about Lasik methods, hospitals and enterprises. But at Lasik websites they do not write all which may be important  for whom who is interested possible to use this operation method for his eyes. With so much information availabe and also often not less misinformation about Lasik laser vision correction it is no wonder that sometimes people are more than a bit confused. The many myths which exist about Lasik (sometimes people search Lasic, or Lasec or Lasix)  create more confusion. The most important asked questions are: Is Lasik proven? Should you be concerned about this operation method? Is Lasik safe?  Here we will look at some common myths about this operation method and we will give you the main facts.

Untrue: Lasik is not real surgery.

The truth: This method is most definitely is surgery. The people undergoing it must view the operation procedure with the same respect as for any other surgery to ensure the best outcome after it. This operation for your eyes is not dangerous when it will be performed by a qualified eye surgeon on a good candidate. But you must be aware that there are some risks, as they do for all surgeries.

Untrue: Complications occur often after correction with laser vision.

The truth: A lot of clinical studies and official reports show that the risks are very low. There are some possible complications but they can be treated and also resolved in the early stages after operation. For example there exists simple side effects, such as a temporary dry eye and also possible is a night glare. But all these complications can be resolved without further treatment after several weeks or months following the operation. Expert of  ophthalmology  test prior to Lasik extensive diagnostic and that  will determine the  high-risk persons. Such risk persons are more prone to develop sometimes long-term complications.

Untrue: Lasik is such a new method that long-term complications and other effects are not really well known.

The Truth: Already since a long time (beginning of the 1990s) eye laser vision correction technology was developed and became for example in the states widely available in the mid of the 90s. In fact the first Lasik operation was performed in the United States in 1987. Now, more than twenty years later, there have been no reports of any long-term ill effects from such operation methods.

Untrue: The laser itself does automatically all the work and by this reason it doesn’t matter which medical performs the operation

The Truth: That is really a  dangerous myths. The used laser is a truly innovative tool and absotely essential to the Lasik operation but it is only a tool and to perform the operation there is needed more. By this reason the degree of skill of the surgeon is absolutely essential for a properly create and manipulation of the corneal flap during this delicate operation and the use of  the laser you need a good surgeon. By this reasons the best Lasik surgeons must screen the patients rigorously to avoid performing this operation on a candidate which should not be operated because of the risks. Also the central to a very good outcome post-operative (not only two days like often usual) patient care is extremely important.

Untrue: After the procedure it is not necessary to use eye glasses or contact lenses ever again.

The Truth: Ever should mentioned that each person is an individual and by this reason experiences unique results from this method. Some of the persons achieve 20/20 vision and have the advantage to end their dependence on any corrective eyewear. But other people find afterwards that reading glasses are still necessary. Also everybody must see that we age each year. By this reason naturally occurring further conditions such as presbyopia can impair the vision of your eyes, even for those who have previously undergone Lasik vision correction. But in summery Lasik is a wonderful thing and everybody who can pay it should use Lasik, if the eyes are not in the way they should be.


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Information: Lasik is a wonderful operation method but there exist a lot of untrue claims. Save money and time by being informed.
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