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There are some important things which one has to know about cruise ship ratings. In the last years cruise ship ratings for many of the people has been just a bunch of numbers with symbols added to them. This numbers with symbols giving little rhyme or reason to their meanings. But things have changed and from now on you can and you should easily use them to decide which the best cruise is for you and your family.

Ratings by nature can be misleading but this is subjective. this it the case especially on a ship when they use a number. As an example, the rate of 5 will give you the best cruise experience. If in other cases when you are for example traveling with children, then they are not necessarily the right criteria and by this reason you would have to make another choice. 

The data are published by the captains and they are responsible for on board feedback. The ratings are summarized and based on personal experience and mostly also depend from the feedback of the passengers. There are a lot of guides out there that can be of excellent help with this matter and especially on the internet, there are various reviews and ratings. Ratings are compiled from the opinions of the editors and other times from the surveys.

The cruise ships are normally evaluated objectively. It exist some ships that really do deserve a lower or a higher mark. The type of the mark depends on your experience. The real passengers themselves in average give the best guides. Most popular ratings are done in the format of the five star rating system. Then the cruise ships are ranked with one to five stars. The more stars, the better. Please mention that the ratings are not ranked by price or age. But it is normal that ships with shabby and old furnishings will likely get a lower rating. Some of the rating systems only show thumbs up instead. There exist also variations to this. Some of the ratings give results which starts with zero and ends with hundred points.

Only important things are used to grade ships. Most of the time, these important things are the ones that are valued by readers. Starting here they rate how they feel about their cabins, food quality, staff responsiveness, value of entertainment, service quality. All these things are rated by past passengers.

It also happens that there are ships that are overrated. There exist ships that are rated five stars plus. The types of ships belong to the ultra-luxury cruise ships that offer the best of the best services. This includes normally gourmet chefs, finest grade of services, accommodations and staff that knows your needs before anyone could ask the question.

Nevertheless, do not worry about ships that don not have got 5 star plus. The ships with 5 stars also excellent which are run by premium cruise lines. And also if the ship has ´´only´´ 4 stars, then it  is still a very good rating. They are still above the standard rating of cruise ships all over the world. By this reason 4 star cruises are perfect and good enough for most of the vacationers. Holiday lovers like families and couples do not mind having all the bells and whistles. With 4 stars the guests are normally very happy with cruises of this standard. 4 stars allow to do many things such as disco, sports, spas, kids’ activities, etc.

If you look at the budget also getting a 3 plus cruise is not a worse thing. Look especially at the service they offer and think about what you really need and what you want. Why to pay for services you do not need or you do not like? May be you want to make a month a journey or you want to go around the world. Possibly 5 and 4 stars to expensive? And why do not make a journey the double time with only 4 stars?

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