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Diabetes- Important information about the reasons

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Diabetes: The most important information about the disease. Tips, how you can live in an agreeable manner. Save money and time by being informed.

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Diabetes mellitus, often referred to the simple name diabetes, is nothing else than a syndrome of a disordered metabolism. Diabetes usually is a combination of a) hereditary and b) environmental causes. Diabetes results in abnormal high sugar levels in the blood (hyperglycemia).  The hormone insulin which does the only work of converting sugars, starches and food into energy. For a healthy lifestyle it is required to maintain a optimum level of the glucose in your blood with a combination of glucagon and insulin. To produce energy glucagon hormone the release of glucose from the liver to the streams of blood. Some of a few common symptoms diabetes symptoms include a continuous feeling of thirst and hunger, quick exhaustion, drowsiness and normally a weight loss. Very common diabetes symptoms are  a possible anaemia and a slow healing of the wounds.

You have to live according a special diet schedule & to eat special types of food. But that are taking a daily play prime role to control the diabetes. The overeating of food leading to the obesity has been shown as one of the most important reasons of this disease. Every person should really avoid to take more than required quantites of food with different pats of sugar as it is greatly responsible for the disease. From time to time it can be also on account of the hereditary factors. Some food contains high sugar like for example cookies,  chocolate, ice cream, also some soft drinks and other sweets are mostly very harmful for diabetics. For the case that one want to suffer from diabetes then he should ever keep himself away from the taking the white sugar and products where white sugar is included. If there are any other diseases then the facts can aggravate the problem.

In the following are some tips can assist to keep the diabetes under a better control:

---> Take increasing more quantity of some raw herbs and vegetables. That  enhances the production of the insulin.

---> Also include low fat and low calorie food into the diet.

---> You should take complete care of your body and don´t injure yourself as a healing of wounds can take a lot of time. It can also be worse if wounds not healed properly at the time.

---> A possibility which often helps is to practice yoga regularly. 

---> Diabetes can also affect the eye vision. By this reason take required care of your eyes.

---> Please avoid indulging in a day-time sleeping habit

---> It helps to do regular exercise and to  indulge in common exercises like for example jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling, Cycling can can assist persons with diabetes in controlling the illness.

---> In most of the cases it helps to reduce the weight. If you are already slim it do not change anything.

The diabetes is not a disease which can’t be cured. If you really take proper care of your diet and your lifestyle then you can easily manage diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

1.  Diabetes mellitus type 1: The Type 1 diabetes mellitus can be characterized by the loss of beta cells which produce insulin in the islets of Langerhans (pancreas). This leading to a deficiency of the insulin. This special type of diabetes can be further classified as immune-mediated or idiopathic.

2. Diabetes mellitus type 2: The Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be characterized in different forms and it is due to a insulin resistance respectively a reduced insulin sensitivity. the type 2 diabetes mellitus often is combined with reduction of the insulin secretion. This results in some cases in a absolute reduction to zero. The defective responsiveness in the tissues of the body to the insulin almost has involved the receptor of the insulin within the membranes of the cells.

3. Diabetes mellitus type 2: The Type 3 of Diabetes mellitus possibly go unnoticed already a lot of years because the visible symptoms are normally  very mild. Often it is  non-existent or sporadic and normally there are ketoacidotic episodes not existent. Nevertheless different long-term complications can be the result of a unnoticed type 2 diabetes. This includes renal failure as a reason of diabetic nephropathy, possible is also a vascular disease and it includes coronary artery disease. The damage of the  liver from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis is possible, also vision damage due to the diabetic retinopathy, heart failure from diabetic cardiomyopathy and loss of pain or sensation due to the diabetic neuropathy.

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Information: Diabetes: The most important information about the disease. Tips, how you can live in an agreeable manner. Save money and time by being informed.
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