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Holidays at home can be the best you can do. Here are tips how to decorate your home for the right feeling. Save money and time by being informed. 

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Change your home. It can be your holiday resort! May be you do not travel and stay at your home all over the holidays. Why your own home, your castle should not be as holiday like as possible? Make some changes in your home. Create your home in that way you really like to stay at home. Here I offer some sure-fire tips to help your home embrace the holiday season! It is better to start now then never.

The first you can do: Sparkle

Silver colours, mirrors and golden ornaments, nice picture frames, and even candlesticks will help your room shine. Do not  be afraid to mix several types of metals. And by all means get out the antique silver and gold vessels, you should polish all silver and golden things up, and put it center stage! Nothing else image to be in holidays like the twinkle of hundreds of tiny white lights in your own house or flat. Also the smallest of your plants to the largest of Ficus and Palm trees will come alive when you add a few strands of nice white lights to these plants. If you do not have plants in your home you should think about to buy some. Also, consider draping lights inside garland, and wrap your staircase in a fabulous wonderful new unique new look. You can do it. It changes so much.

The second thing is: Present candles, candles everywhere

Yes o.k., not really everywhere in your home,  but certainly candles are appropriate in a lot of different rooms in your home. Nothing softens a room in your house or flat more than the soft glow of candlelight! Tapered and tall, star shaped- colors, bright and clear, short votives and scents abound! You should remember that groupings of candles of varying heights will be possibly the right key to a successful candle display in your home. Invite guests, they will like it and also will give you additional ideas.

The third thing which helps: Chic table tops

Setting a beautiful table (or possibly an additional small one) can set the mood for all your holiday entertaining in your home. It is very good to try to add nice bows to the stems of wine glasses. Use some fold napkins in a special way, and tie them together with a gold or silver tassel. Very good in combination with the first and the second tip are the use of silver, gold or brass chargers under your special china (if you have). And pull all them together with a pretty table runner and a wonderful holiday arrangement (it can be floral or greenery). If you read these tips you hopefully can imagine a bit what the result will be and you get some ideas how to do it.

The forth tip: Festive fruits and vegetable

Add the color green to your holiday home. Green helps to improve your mood. Green is needed also in holiday resorts. Decorating by using nature’s bounty in a nice decorative way. It helps to add cloves to oranges, limes or lemons. Nice interesting and strong colors are needed. That will create in your home a beautiful and fragrant pomander. Simply stacking fresh limes or lemons for example in a tall glass hurricane can make a truly impressive decorative statement and changes a lot.

The fifth and recently the last tip we offer: Merry mantles

Everything starts and depends in a great manor from a theme! Possibilities might be to include your prize collection of antique Santas, reindeer, some things of the christmas decoration, snowmen or birdhouses. Whatever theme you would like to select for your home, try it. You should use different shapes and sizes to create visual interest for you and for visitors. Unify your display with ivy, magnolia leaves, other types of dried leaves, garland or anything else that is soft and easily draped. It is up to you to do it. It only count to start  Just begin, the best is now. You can start with a plan. Take a cheat of paper. This is something you really can do now. It need only minutes.

The sixth thing you can do: Use a wellness massage chair

You have ever tried a wellness massage chair? You should do it. You can buy it by internet here: Wellness massage chair

An addition tip: Use exotic things

You can use exotic plants, for example bananas or palms. Also you can decorate typical materials, vessels, dried fruits or art from the country you would like to be in your holidays.


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Information: Holidays at home can be the best you can do. Here are tips how to decorate your home for the right feeling. Save money and time by being informed. 
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