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Hurricanes and Insurances

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Usability of insurances: How to protect Hurricane damages? Save money and time by being informed.

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The hurricanes during hurricane season indeed cause more than a lot of damage worldwide and most of the damage is caused by the flooding and other destruction and a lot of people do not know, yet flood damage is generally excluded and not covered under most home owners policies. This results that many people are completely left alone when something happens and it throws a lot of the home owners into financial ruin. Really the worst at this situation is that people do not know about this circumstances. Such damages and the costs are increased during the last decade caused by the climate change.

In the past years there was a case that went all the way to the justice because one of the insurance companies which secure flood damages would not pay caused during an intensive hurricane and that even though the home owners insurance had included such a clause that the insurer would pay for wind driven rain damages. In such cases the owners of the home said. ´´Well such a Hurricane is driven by wind and that is the reason what caused the rain and water to flood and therefore you have to fix the homes correctly and you cannot get out of the home!´´. The result of this was that the supreme court disagreed and sided after that with the insurer. Therefore they had not to pay on the claim. Complete the same conditions are included in most policies of homeowners of the insurance companies do not include such flood damages. Some of the experts of floods and securities say really none of them do and no insurance company cover homes for such flood insurance caused by hurricanes. But there is something new which must be mentioned to help the home owners:

Now there exist some plans of the states respectively government plans also to build an other insurance with which you can get money after flood damage caused by hurricanes. Bbut this will not be in all places and everywhere of the US. It is needed to protect the own home with special proper drainage and then the insurance would cover the damages caused by hurricanes and flood.

What now can be done to be better protected with the own home from a flood in combination with a hurricane when a enormous hurricane or a super topical storm give us many inches of rain during a very short time at your home? It is possible to protect the own property with many things. A landscaper can help to choose all possible options which exist. Nevertheless, when in reality, once the flood gets that high, there is at the end little you can do under extreme conditions. Please consider all what happened in the last years in some areas of the US and worldwide. If you live in such a region it may be a better possibility to sell the house when the house has a price and to buy a new home in higher areas. If the weather is fine nearly no one thinks about hurricanes and storms.


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Information: Usability of insurances: How to protect Hurricane damages? Save money and time by being informed.
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