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Advantages, reasons, tips / Booking early luxury vacations: Save money and time by being informed. When I have to book to get real good offers?

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There are a lot of advantages if you are interested in a luxury vacations and you book it early. 
Travelers who have spoken to travel agencies about booking of luxury vacations often hear the travel agent which tell  “book early.” or  “book a few days before” you want to travel. A lot of traveler have got the experience that the last minute deals not ever  work and real luxury vacations are not offered or there are no discounts at that moment. Those who are interested in such special vacations are often confused about the time of booking: How soon is too soon? And what type of hotels and luxury vacation is available to travelers who want to book early? We have written down here a summery of the advantages and disadvantages of booking luxury travel at a early stage:

1. There exist a better availability

If you book your a travel vacation at early times there will all opportunities at getting the best category. Mainly all offers are still available in all categories. Starting from the flights over the additional to book short travels to luxury hotels. This possibilities can really make or break the mood of your holiday vacation, especially if the journey is caused by a special occasion such as a honeymoon, a round birthday or anything else. If you book your vacation early you also will be the first of the travelers to be granted requests such as special flats, rooms with special numbers or sights, a king size bed, non-smoking room, roll always and similar things. Ship cruise lines and most of the hotels will also go in order of the date of the booking if they are offering upgrades for free, other special offers and extra amenities. Additional you must see, if you prefer on a specific resort or cruise ship, small town or specific hotel, the earlier you book, the better possibility you will have to get a stay where you want and how you want.

2. Discounts and incentives with early booking

Nearly all of the hotels and resorts, cruise lines and travel tour companies will offer special deals on such luxury vacations if new guests book early their vacations. The discounts of early booking or incentives will really save you a lot of your money. These discounts of the travel agencies are usually possible if you talk with your local travel agent in autumn in the range between September to the end of October. You should be aware about the time of payments. Important is when the reservation you have made must be paid in full. Normally most specials needs an earlier final payment date than later bookings. That can be an disadvantage.

3. When is the best time to book?

For most of the  resorts, cruise lines, hotels and tour companies all over the world the beginning of the travel business season is around September. That is the range of time when most people return from their summer vacations and world cruises. By this reason September and October are the best months to look what kind of special offers are available for the upcoming year. Normally you can get the price list ten months before the departure for vacations. Once the ten months period has been started everybody can start checking the prices and offers. Once should find a decision about seven to six months before there is the  want to travel on vacations. For the case you wish to travel for a special occasion, or somewhere special exotic, you should make your final decision no later than nine months before the holiday starts. There exist mostly a lot of last minute offers but to find a real luxury vacation is not completely sure. Last minute offers are usually very restrictive and only offered for a short time, sometimes for only one day or less. If your holiday is your once a year big trip (and that it is mainly), you possibly do not want to trust it to the strange limitations of last minute offers. This especially not if the holiday is for honeymoon and your even a wedding travel. In such cases there are just too many things that do not work. 

Summery: The booking of a luxury travel vacation should be done early in the range as written above for so many reasons. One of the most important reasons is: There will be a much better availability of the possibilities to choose among the offers for the special vacation you are interested in.  You will be the first to receive extra amenities and upgrades. There also is the important advantage of the discounts for early booking.. If you know when to book the best you can prevent the hassle of second-guessing or considering too good to be true last minute bookings.  Holiday guests also have the advantage of being secure in their travel plans if booking early.

If you have less money it may be acceptable to rent holiday houses? But not all of the holiday houses are cheap. For some of them it is necessary to pay several thousands of Euro - each day. That is a special class of holidays you can spent there.


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Information: Advantages, reasons, tips / Booking early luxury vacations: Save money and time by being informed. When I have to book to get real good offers?
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