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35 tips how to become debt free

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Instruction how to become debt free. Not only read it, do it. Save money and time by being informed. 

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Everybody can learn how is the best way that your money work for you. Most of the people work for their money, but that is the strenuous off. The first step is to become debt free. Here are 35 tips. Read and follow them Not only read it, just start to do it.

1. Write down a list of items which are needed and don’t waste fuel going to the store for only 1 or 2 items.

2. Do not eat out! Do everything from scratch, like grandma has done it ! It taste better and it will cost you less force.

3. Only buy that things which are on your shopping list. Nothing else.

4. Do not bring your kids into a store  or go yourself into a store when you are hungry. If you do so you will buy things you do not need. 

5. Do not buy food in a convenience store. You will save 20-30%, they overcharge you for convenience. Plan ahead what you need! 

6. Avoid completely impulse items which are placed at check out counters.

7. Buy things when items are on sale.

8. Buy non brand names. Brand names are too expensive.

9. Plan your meals in advance. Never do it, when you are in a shop.

10. Buy whole chickens and cut them up by yourself.

11. Buy drinks in bigger bottles; then you can save 2 to 3 cents per ounce. If you have got carbonated drinks secure the cap and then shake the bottle after using to hold it fresh.

12. Bag your lunch. It costs less.

13. Do not buy coffee or smoothies or any expensive drinks when you are out. Consume it at home or prepare it at home and take it with you.

14. Do not buy dry cleanable clothes. It is to expensive to bring it to a laundry.

15. Use coupons when things are cheap. But do not travel too far; gas may cost you more you save.

16. It is important ever to watch the cash register scanners for some errors, especially on sale items. Often they are not in the list.

17. Buy larger sized quantity packages.

18. Shop primary at discount stores.

19. Buy mostly mix and match clothes.

20. Buy at yard sales, especially children clothes are much cheaper there. You should remember that the price is negotiable.

21. Do not wear new cloths when you are hanging around the house or your flat and especially when you are doing any dirty work.

22. You should buy end of the season specials.

23. Sell larger expensive items in a classified ad if you have not used them for a long time.

24. Sell smaller inexpensive items in a garage sale. You surely have to much things.

25. Buy at consignment/thrift stores some of the things you need.

26. Buy at outlet centers and compare.

27. Ask the clerk at the shop  when the next sale will be and if you can place the item you need on hold till that sale.

28. Get on mailing lists for sales.

29. Journalize your spending you do. If you use your visa you should mark it as a visa item in the check book. That is a well method to reconcile to the bill of the visa and then is deducted from the check book.

30. Most of the people do not realize that they have got a credit card addiction problem: If ever possible only pay off the minimum balance every month or you do not pay timely.

31. Do not be tempted… There are many ways when it can happen. Do not go shopping when you are bored. You should only buy what you really need. Do not buy what you want or deserve. Make ever clear yourself the difference between need and deserve. You should do it at each thing you buy.

32. No impulse buying.

33. Do not buy because you believe you deserve it. (You do not deserve things, unless you want to pay for that thing for some years or possibly go bankrupt because of such things you deserve so importantly). Please grow up! 

34 You should write down your own ideas. You have thought about it already some times. You need such a list. You can ever work on this list and you can change things later on. You know what you are doing wrong, additional to this list.

35. Mark the points which are very difficult for you and look at them every day once for a minute. Place the list where you can see it every day.



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Information: Instructions how to become debt free. Not only read it, do it. Save money and time by being informed.  tips, collection, consolidation, default, eliminate, elimination
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